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March 04, 2010


futures options

I am wondering now the how soon to do the dramatic things.I do not believe we will escape the ruin of the euro.My work appears to be relativity stable,and I think the cold winds of January might be the time we see things start to go sour here.

options trading

Trading is not rocket science, things that you need is the ability to control your emotions and to select the right markets and profit. Many traders today are high school drop outs and making more money then those who has a 60k pa day job.


Still the key with trading is discipline. Many traders who follow their rules and plans will succeed in the long run. The abnormal returns section highlights that the majority of traders will lose because they dont stick to their rules.


This is the first time I have ever read such a useful blog. I also write such articles about making money and social network strategies.


"One [commercial] shows a clueless guy and a smart-looking intelligent woman."

Uh, kind of vague: isn't that true of most commercials?

Jim C

Since the wedding rings I bought about 25 years ago were gold, obviously I know all about that. I eat quite a bit of bacon so pork bellies, check. Oil, well isn't that used to make gas for cars? So that's a check too.

On the other hand knowing P/E ratios...well doesn't that involve, like, division? Too hard.

Hummm...this should be an easy one.


Abnormal returns is top shelf reading.
Consider successful fund managers, bloggers and their best ideas.
As to your "Face Off", all of the gold buying/selling whirling around is a developing shoe shine stock advice event. The media implants latent seeds which fail to germinate.

tom brakke

Nice idea, Jeff. I'm looking forward to more face-offs.

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