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February 11, 2010


Frank Sayegh

The GDP figures for Q4 2009 as well as corporate earnings have been ignored in favour of an impending- disaster scenario that will lead to the collapse of the world economy. Hogwash ! Go with the evidence and be careful and forget the bull****.


Minyanville saved me a fortune in 2008.

So whatever they're trying to accomplish, they should keep it up.


You bring up a fascinating area of trader behavior that has always puzzled me. I've read in multiple sources that one attribute of successful traders is the ability to be sufficient confident in their trade theses to execute on those trades, but yet at the same time, they must be malleable enough to recognize when they are wrong. If highly-successful traders are right only 53% of the time, isn't it irrational to be "highly confident" if you're only right roughly half of the time?

I expect the takeaway is that confidence is mostly a chemical state of mind, rather than an epistemological state of being "right" or "wrong" about the unknowable future. Confident people aren't necessarily more right than un-confident people; they just believe in themselves more, which has other positive benefits.

Would love to hear others' thoughts about this seeming contradiction.

Brett Alexander

I have no idea what they are trying to accomplish at Minyanville.

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