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February 20, 2010



Don -- You are probably on the right track. Nearly everyone I speak with is under-invested in stocks.

Everyone's situation is different. One of the things about being a Registered Investment Advisor is that you do not provide specific advice without knowing more about the situation.

If you give us a call, I would be happy to ask a few questions and make some suggestions -- no obligation and no cost. Our office is 630-548-0517.

I also have a recent piece, not published on the blog, written to a good friend who asked your question. If you send me an email (jmiller at newarc dot com) I'll send you a copy.

Thanks for your comment!



Jeff- I have annuities with Allianze. I got out of S&P500 & Nasdaq100 for 3%interest. Now I wish to get back into these. Can you suggest which or both are good for this turn around? Or, none of these.


oa92000 -- Unlike nearly everyone else on the Internet I document the records from this system. Other long-term performance records are available on request. I cannot advertise them, but I am delighted to share with qualified investors.

The TCA-ETF system, one of our three featured programs, has been about even in the last two weeks while the market has rallied. So that method "missed the up move."

I sense from your question that you do not have a lot of experience in testing and following methods. I invite you to read some past articles on the subject. There are many successful investment strategies. None of them work all of the time.

Thanks for the question. It is probably time for me to do another piece on this topic.


did you miss all the up move last 2 weeks?

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