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February 15, 2010



For more than a year, ominous rumors have been privately circulating among high level western leaders, that the Soviet Union had been at work on what was darkly hinted to be the ultimate weapon, a doomsday device. Intelligence sources traced the site of the top secret Russian project to the perpetually fog shrouded wasteland below the arctic peaks of the Zokov islands. What they were building, or why it should be located in a such a remote and desolate place, no one could say.


I just re-watched Dr. Strangelove recently. Definitely a classic!

Agree on the big banks! Not sure if that's a good sign or not! LONG.


Yup, this classic is my all time favourite movie and is rife with sexual metaphors.
The history of banks the banks and the cold war were something to be afraid of.
The KBE/KBI focus has been a sector fund manager Ken Heebner has been exceedingly patient with for over a year.


Slim Pickens indeed. I saw Strangelove in '64 in Chicago, with my dad, as a 12 year old. I felt like the film was 'over my head' but loved it anyway - still do.

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