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February 02, 2010


Apple share price

The Stock Split would allow many more people to become AAPL Shareholders. It would also take the joy out of Shorting this stock which is the favorite yo-yo of the Hedgefunds. I would love to have four shares at $50.50 per share for every one of my $202.00 shares.

stock trading newsletter

I have a feeling that Apple like the 'exclusivity' of their stock like they do in their products.


Nice clear overview on my wife's favorite stock as she has a double. However, we all recognize that AAPL is flat in price over two years. But what a fun trip that was!



Thanks for the insight.

Mike C

Excellent points, especially the one about absolute price. I would often get this question from clients when I bought Berkshire Hathaway.

Just curious, what would be your sell catalysts on AAPL? What would need to happen either fundamentally or technically to shift your stance on the stock? I am interested to get some insight on your sell discipline as I think this part of the process is probably the least discussed and yet the most important.

FWIW, from 2006 to 2007 I built a position in Chesapeake Energy in the late 20s/early 30s. I rode that stock up to the July 2008 high of 74 all the way down to the November 2008 low of 10 back up the current 25-26. I was convinced it was ridiculously undervalued from Oct 08-Dec 08 when it was between 10-13 but the position size was already too big to justify increasing without ignoring risk management. Still, I consider not selling any during the May 2008 through September 2008 timeframe a failure because I violated some of my sell rules.

What are some of your sell rules or sell process?

Pete Borini

Always amazing how these splits (or even potential splits) bring out the buyers. I like the conservative assessment here.

Paul Nunes

well written Jeff! A very concise explanation which everyone can benefit from.

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