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October 06, 2009


Paul in Kansas City

THe blog Accrued Interest (and your old collegue from real MOney) deserves a shout out for his post today which was along the same lines as this post Jeff. He deserves to be linked! Have a great weekend Jeff.

John Sweda

Dr. Miller:

Enjoyed your most recent post, as always. Your subject of the Oklahoma phone poll was a question-for-question repeat of an Arizona poll conducted by a conservative think tank (the date on the report is 06/30/09):

The results were very similar. The objective of conducting these surveys is to demonstrate the poor job done by public schools, thus making a case for homeschooling, schools of choice vouchers, the need for civics courses, etc. I suppose this survey obtains the desired results and is intended to make a point.
The objective of the survey was never purely scientific.

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