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October 21, 2009


Account Deleted

thank you for posting and
happy to visit your blog
if you want
get my collection reference at


Jeff, I find the ideas in the Value Investors Club interesting and very educational/informative also. Thanks again for the insight. I just wonder what level you use technical analysis. I'm looking forward to the following posts on this topic.


Mike -- I check in on Jubak occasionally, and Ill take a closer look now.

Thanks for the suggestion.



Hey Jeff, one other thought. I don't know if you read Jim Jubak at all, but he thinks very much like you do. He has an intrigueing post up today about finding the next McDonald's.


Mark Wolfinger

I have a feeling it will be the same with you. Positive mentions will induce people to buy - sans homework.

But I have much more faith in your studies than his.

Best regards


Mark -- I have watched the mentioned stocks popping during after hours trading. Amazingly, this also happens when the show is a rerun.

While my article is mostly about how to generate ideas, it seemed wise to acknowledge the most prolific source of suggestions. It is probably just my academic side, where you have to do a lot of footnotes:)

But seriously, with so many individual investors turning to Cramer, they should keep his homework assignment in mind!

Thanks -


Thanks, Mike. I'll take a look. Our local store was out of vaccine this week.


Mark Wolfinger


Surely you understand that Cramer viewers are NEVER going to do ANY homework, let alone the one hour recommended.

They watch the show to get tips for making quick profits. Why they come back for more of his picks is beyond me, but this show is not designed for studious investors.

I wish you well on your selections.


Jeff--No critcism here, just encouragement. Thanks for the series.

You might take a closer look at one of your neighbors, WAG. Improving balance sheet, new stock buyback, increasing dividend with excellent coverage. Short term catalyst is the nasty flu season, longer term theme is healthcare reform adding some 40+ million people to the insurance rolls. It's the kind of stock that should perform admirably, even if the market pulls back.

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