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September 18, 2009



Thanks for the words of support, Terence.

I am talking with many investors, trying to help them with retirement plans, but it often feels like spitting into the wind.


terence chan

I think this is the most important line in your post: "The confused investor who has done the wrong thing for the last several months is still the most difficult to convince. The popular answers seem so obvious. The contrarian (and correct) answers are more abstract and therefore more difficult." It precisely describes what is going on with the markets right now... that's why it went up more than most people expected. It's always like this when we are at troughs. Great post.

Terence Chan

Steve o

Our leaders have failed up miserably, and the current administration seems to lack a basic understanding of economics.

"It is especially dangerous to reject methods that have survived the test of time--and by this we mean both economic and investment methods."

By this do you mean methods such as "buy and hold" which could be awful in a deflationary decade.

Economic Darwinism

>Blanket statements such as "he did not see the housing crisis" are inaccurate and quite unfair.

Right. It is inaccurate because the crisis was not a housing crisis, it was a credit/solvency crisis. The correct and fair statement would be "he did not see the credit crisis coming and thought it was a minor subprime mortgage problem demonstrating his complete lack of understanding".

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