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August 06, 2009


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The jobs offered are still not enough for lots are people are still unemployed right now. Maybe the government have lots of plan for this. Hopefully, this issues will be resolved.

temping jobs london

Since the start of this year we have seen a huge increase in the number of temporary jobs coming through. We are still seeing significant volumes of catering, secretarial and admin roles as usual, but the number of temping jobs requiring specific qualifications has shot up. It seems companies are trying to minimise their financial risk by employing qualified individuals on fixed-term contracts.


Interesting stuff. A few follow up questions:

*Why has the B/D residual added so many more jobs in recent years than in the earlier part of the decade (900+ per year in the recent recession from less than 100 in the '01 recession)?
*Why does the B/D model tend to have a large annual revisions during recessions (represented about 2/3 of all B/D jobs created in the 4/01 - 4/02 period, but only 1/3 in the most recent revision)?

Any insights would be great.

Thanks again...

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