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July 22, 2009


Jack Sprat

Nobody is doing anything of the kind. They are just sitting back and letting the prices go as low as they will. Don't forget, the American consumer is NOT too big to fail according to the government.
Besides, the only thing the government does is sticks there nose where it doesn't belong to screw things up.

Jack Sprat

I must be an extremist/ terrorist then and you are a good for nothing queer fascist loving Natzi.


It's all going to magically be OK huh, even though the economy was totally powered by unsustainable levels of debt? Where's the consumption going to come from, MEW is dead?


Investors who don't even know what the word "socialist" means just missed a forty percent run in the S&P500 that they'll never get back.

They still listen fervently - and exclusively - to the same marketers who told them Clinton's first budget would "send the country into recession" while the truth was we had a great equity run up.


Do you think it wise to stabilize housing at prices that were artificially inflated by reckless lending and excessive credit or should housing be allowed to retreat to a more realistic level based upon historical levels of supply, demand, relation to rents and income?

Secondly can normal lending resume in the next year or two when looking at consumer debt levels.

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