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July 19, 2009



Kenboe -- We run the model at least twice each day. Circumstances change during the week. In the "partnership account" which trades daily, we make immediate adjustments. For those participating in the "weekly program" we make mid-week adjustments when the general tenor of the model recommendations change.

As to the discrepancy in the narrative, you made an astute observation. I was trying to suggest that additional data were getting us involved in new sectors -- a hint about the Friday ratings and what I saw coming.

Thanks for a helpful question!



Hi Jeff,

I know you were not happy with your ETF model last week. Many technicians were caught "short" including technical sage, John Murphy of I have a couple of questions: 1. Do you always let the model play out for the week or do you ever acknowledge it's wrong and change course midweek? 2. You state this week that "the inverse ETF's have dropped into the penalty box." But only PSQ is in the box, not SH or DOG according to your 7/19/09 ETF Update. What's up with the discrepency between the Sector Report Chart and your narrative?

Thanks for responding. Kenboe

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