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May 21, 2009



Agree that the ratings firms (other than independents) are not reliable. But aren't they still relevant because so many investors (pensions, foundations, banks, others) are restricted to investing in highly rated securities?

Health Insurance Guy

The ratings folks lost a lot of credibility in light of meltdown in the CDO market. Hard to trust what they say when people are paying them to rate their own instruments.


Someone should audit timing of PIMCO trades against what Bill gross says.

I wonder though if instead of adding to shorts, Bill is looking to get good prices on the long side?


I agree with both points. Not even sure why S&P still has a ratings business at this point. Further, the idea that the U.S. would default on its debt is ludicrous. Any weakness in Treasuries from such a silly downgrade by a disreputable company would be a buying opportunity. The kind of opportunity I think this blog looks for.

martin Ferera

touche - nice piece
I've learned not to take comments from the pimco guys at face value.

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