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March 06, 2009



CNBC is so pathetic. If it werent for Erin B. i wouldnt bother turning on. It is unfortunate that so many people take them as being spot on.


President Obama didn't mention drugs or the Betty Ford Clinic either.


caught that moment too, what a joke. As a professional, you try to advise people to put biases aside, and think objectively. Then they turn on the TV and see that nonsense.


This thing has gotten so bad that Kudlow has started snorting his cocaine through rolled up Fives instead of Hundreds. Awful.


Man, Larry is like talking doll who says the same thing over and over and over. I think he would talk to graduates about tax cuts at their ceremony... I think he'd preach tax cuts in virtually any situation...


The apoplectic CNBC demographic has seen that flipping Baidu just isn't not fun anymore. Have they learned a lesson or are they looking for someone to blame so they can continue to day-trade?

CNBC doesn't want to lose their viewership as they did during the post-dot-com meltdown. They also need someone to blame. This symbiosis gives birth to the blame-Obama meme.

Rather than becoming apoplectic, their viewers should become apolitical and realize the long-term implications of this pattern and change their hobby.

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