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March 25, 2009



How's it going?

It took a bit of searching to come across your blog, but I'm glad I did. I'm one of the posters over at, the fastest-growing online debate website on the internet today. I think you would be provide valuable insight to our readers. We post debate topics every day, where you have the opportunity to debate with people from around the world on popular issues. Very easy-to-use website.

Check it out when you get the chance.



Shocked, shocked that Kudlow would inject political commentary into his analysis.

Kudlow has been a GOP shill for the better part of three decades.

In 1988, right before the GOP convention and Reagan's exit, Kudlow was on all media outlets saying how the Reagan tax cuts would bring deficits would move to surplus by 1993 and tht the $ would be back above 200 Yen.

In August 1993, right before one of the strongest equity markets, Kudlow was railing against the Clinton administration tax hike (increases that paled in comparison to the tax hikes launched by Reagan when Kudlow was Chief Economist at the OMB) and urged investors to move to gold.

We don't need to bring up his commentary on the Bush/Bernanke Boom written in the summer of 2007.

HIs record speaks for itself.


As I noted in the article, they have a bias.

Why should we be interested? The financial media have strayed from investment advice to political opinions. I write on occasional article on that theme, but I feel like a lonely voice.

Here is a question for you:

Go to their site. Is there any challenge they make where you think they are off base?

I asked readers to be open-minded, and that includes you. If you think they do not contribute value, show us an error. I will be happy to feature your comment in an article.

Fair enough?

Thanks for taking the time to comment!


Trade Smith

"progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation"... Sounds like they're really keeping the politics out of business news, what a joke.


Kimo -- I understand and sympathize with your opinion. Any show with a host in charge and a director following his orders may have this character. Cramer on the Daily Show was an example of playing on the other guy's court.

At its best, the Kudlow Report brings in top guests with varying perspectives and hits the most important subject of the day.

I am actually more bothered when Kudlow (or any CNBC anchor) shifts from journalism when ostensibly doing news.

Thanks again for the comment.



"We have been long-time fans of the Kudlow show"

Huh? He cuts off anyone that disagrees with him. As late as Dec 07 he still had his Goldilocks skipping across the screen many months beyond yield inversion, and four months before Bear-Stearn.

Kudlow says he believes in free markets, but its really Republicanism he believes in, making him an ineffective economist, and a comedic basher of free markets.

The basic problem is what he misses; 3X median household annual income well below median house price, in an environment of incredible downward overseas wage pressure and raising unemployment. That is a disaster.

And insult to injury, every government program worsens this problem by trying to prop up home prices and digging a deeper debt hole. Cessation, not creation, of government programs is the answer. Markets need to be respected, not manipulated. Transparency to an extreme is preferable to regulation. Yes, we will get a financial meltdown.. that was baked in years ago. We can pay for it now, or stagnate for decades to come.

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