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February 15, 2009



Michael - You may have been right! KOL did not last long in the top eight. The model likes charts where a sector has fallen, built a base, and shows signs of a rebound. There are other elements, of course, but I often see that. If the rebound does not come, the ranking drops quickly.

Good question!



Dustin -- Our main contribution in the weekly ETF Update is the use of our system to get a unique view of the market -- a focus on sectors with a one-month time frame. I start with a sector to feature, and then see if there is anyone else on the same page. In short, the story is about our methods, but we always look for someone else to feature.

I think you might have missed the jocular tone of this sentence, especially in the context of the prior paragraph.

You are quite correct in thinking that we do not just blindly follow popular authority figures.

Thanks for your comment, and the opportunity to elaborate.



"When Cramer and Harvard agree, perhaps we should pay attention."??? Wow. I used to respect this blog for it's analytical, contrarian approach to markets. This article makes me think twice about that.


Just wondering why you think the Coal miners Index KOLis number 2. Im not seeing it on the charts. Is there some underlying fundamental i am missing? I was just surprised to see it so high.

Premium Collector

Nice article. I've referenced it on my blog here.

I check your site often and appreciate your thoughts. We trade ETF's a lot and find your posts helpful.

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