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February 26, 2009



The Treasury and markets are split, Glass-Steagall-like, until these guys who do hand signals to each other and watch squiggly graphs decide to discount the distopian-fantasies and expose their sophomoric opinions.

On CNBC today Rick Santelli told "seniors" that their five percent dividend tax is going to twenty percent. A pathetic attempt to scare people into complaining about something with which he is misinformed ...when we all know the real reason is he wants to protect the wealthy from dividend tax changes (back to the good ole days of four percent growth I might add.)

This is the same guy who asks the pit if they want to "pay their neighbor's mortgage." Dude, none of those guys live anywhere near someone with a conforming mortgage. That's the segment who may benefit (and the banks who don't have to take foreclosures... and the investors in the mortgages) under Obama's plan. Pathetic fear-mongering. the old lady who hated Clinton on some CNN special in '91 because she didn't want the government taking over Medicare, that's Rick Santelli.

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