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December 03, 2008



Here's the chart, explained with typical clarity by Tanta (I'll miss her!):


The more important story, I believe, is the ARM recast, not the ARM resets because of the lower rates currently as Paul Kedrosky's post of a reader's comments described.


RB - -This is interesting. About a year ago many sources were saying that this year would be the tough one for ARM resets. I have not seen the updates showing that we were past the peak.

Addressing this question is indeed a priority.

Thanks for your comment.



On rate resets, I believe the more important story for 2009 may be the ARM recasts -- therefore a principal modification plan would be more bullish. Sheila Bair seems sceptical of this plan:{2C6F1908-93CD-488C-8D25-8CF859AC09AC}&siteid=rss

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