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November 30, 2008



Ray - You are correct in noting that our "static" site is way overdue for some updating. We have limited partnership programs for accredited investors and also a method for nearly any investor to participate through their own TD Ameritrade account as part of our advisor group.

As a registered investment advisor must, I talk with each potential investor about personal needs, risk tolerance, and how this investment would fit in the entire program. I am happy to share performance data with potential investors, depending upon which program fits their needs.

In a general sense, both our sector rotation and long-only programs have beaten the market significantly over their ten-year life span. The TCA-ETF approach is doing better this year, since it avoided the worst of the market decline.

Thanks for asking! Feel free to write for our free reports explaining the methods and the programs. If you are still interested, we can set up an appointment to talk.


Raytayzmd's "Newarc Investments" doing these days?...I looked at the website and under "The Results" found a little table labelled:

"Great Stocks, Great Performance as of 12/30/05"



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