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October 14, 2008


investing stocks

Probably Warren Buffett is someone who do not need all his information. His investment technique is also different and probably knows how to use “The principle of hitting.” I follow him in investing and I think he is far above the hight where the da to day market can touch him .

Bill aka NO DooDahs!

From watching modern MLB, I never would have guessed that the strike zone actually stretched from shoulder to knee, across the plate.

77 zones? Did they check the videotape to confirm those locations? Oh, did they have videotape back then, or were their images digital?

Success rate in a zone per se doesn't say anything about patience. You also need the number of pitches thrown to, and swings taken at pitches thrown to, in each zone.

Back to that digital video!


I hear CNBC is busy at some secret undisclosed location in New Mexico working on a "Duodecabox",

.....OK seriously, my biggest Google hit today as best I can tell was "Decabox", lol.

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