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July 28, 2008



My favorite line:
"Most pundits are engaged in a losing battle, but they do not know it yet."

My current best loved form of entertainment is to read the comments on any article concerning housing on either MarketWatch or Seeking Alpha. Also, articles on banks and ethanol. And a couple of listed favorites: POT and SKF. Hours of fun.

I wrote a post yesterday chronicaling the rants of one investor:


"Do not confuse your political viewpoints with what will work as an investment."

One could argue that the goldbugs have come to the same conclusion as well.

Robert Ward


Jeffrey, now I'm old enough to remember when fannie and freddie were nationalized (aka communized). My recollections are that they did a much better job. No inflated ceo/management pay, no need to bail out shareholders with my and your tax money etc, etc. I have been in such a rage about this I want to pull my hair out (all gone). It's a logical absurdity to think our free markets are rational, free, and capitalistic. In my day you did not reward vast incompetence. Now it's a given. I fear for my grandkids generation. I have read your blog with much interest and ask you to indulge us with your thoughts/commentary.

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