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July 30, 2008



Mike and Tim --

Thanks for the suggestions. I have an interest in the energy question from several different perspectives. I have a viewpoint, but I don't like to shoot from the hip, so let me put this on the writing agenda.

I enjoyed Tim's post on blog comments. I often wonder what they tell us. Perhaps that is another topic. This post got a comment on Seeking Alpha from someone who (intentionally) gave all of the wrong answers to the questions and another who cheered him on. I remember that type from the old days. Does such a reaction affect how the average reader interprets the information?

Thanks again,



Jeff, too many valid points to go into but I will hit a few. I know the traffic thing. It is easy to write the posts that generate traffic, but I want to write on topics I feel are pertinent to the point of my blog.

The current tendency of what the government "should" be doing coupled with the belief that it is always taking the wrong approach points to a massive misunderstanding of how it really works. I think you have a great perspective on this and too bad more do not reference your stuff. Not enough sex appeal I guess. I hope your system makes you and your customers a ton of money. Success is the best reward!

A note on CNG and LNG powered vehicles. The current technology requires ungainly fueling and onboard solutions. A fuel tank half the length of a garbage truck can only propel it for about 80 miles. A diesel fuel tank the same size would provide enough fuel to cross half the continent.

Current air quality laws in California push many garbage trucks to the natural gas route. The truck is built in Texas, flat bedded by diesel truck to Florida or Canada for the garbage body, flat bedded back to Texas for the natural gas fuel system. Flat bedded to California where the natural gas (esp LNG) is brought from New Mexico by diesel powered truck to fuel the LNG garbage truck for its 80 miles of daily use. Not very efficient and a long way from wide spread commercial use.

Mike C



I have a lot of respect for your thoughts on this subject, so I am going to solicit your opinion on something that is of GREAT interest to me in terms of government policy.

I'm sure that by now you are familiar with the Pickens Plan for energy. Yesterday, the CEO of Chesapeake Energy (yes I have a position in it) testified before Congress on how substantial U.S. natural gas reserves are, and that we should be transitioning to natural gas for transportation.

Given your knowledge and expertise with government and how policy is shaped, how would you handicap the odds of this becoming reality over the next several years versus just talk?

This seems to be a good example of potentially understanding government policy leading to making money. Depending on what course of action government takes, there may be a big investment opportunity in domestic natural gas producers.

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