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June 23, 2008


David Merkel

Corrections happen in investment blogs when the authors have sensitive consciences, after being approached with significant evidence of being wrong. It's not much different than ordinary life...


"What would happen the Barry's traffic if he turned bullish on the economy and housing market?"

What's to be bullish about?

To whom must he apologize for seeing this coming long before most other observers?

He certainly couldn't have been doing it to amuse "traffic" back in 2005....

I would also add that the example cited is a poor one.....I can't imagine anyone continues to harbor doubts that Junior failed to fulfill his TANG obligation, in a manner consistent with what was described in the documents mentioned....

Muckdog, Hall of Shame Member

I enjoy reading opinions that are stripped away from the sales and profit motive. People are more relaxed and feel free to interject their personalities into their work. I think that's something folks can relate to.

Like the link to Adam Warner here. One of the best of the web, IMHO.


The blogosphere on investments parallels the investment advisor world. Investment advisors must often consider their income (commissions) vs. what is best for their customers. Blogosphere writers trade helping their readers make money vs. driving more traffic. What would happen the Barry's traffic if he turned bullish on the economy and housing market?

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