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June 25, 2008



Does David Berson qualify? Nevertheless, here's a report you could interpret in many different ways


gaius marius-

You are absolutely correct about the ten-year, which is the key rate for mortgages.

I am still working on the "latent demand" issue, a Cramer topic today. If (when?) there is some increased ability to make loans to qualified buyers, we may have some real price discovery.

As yet, none of the big-time economists have handled this topic in a way that I can highlight.

Thanks again for your many helpful comments.



gaius marius

salient to our earlier discussion about the need of payment stability, prof --- yves smith points up the problems of the rising ten-year yield , which is responding (i think) to inflation concerns, moving in the opposite direction of the policy rate, compounded by private credit tightening.

the frank/dodd bill is what it is, but what must happen is real price declines in housing. the bill might delay the eventuality, but quite possibly to our detriment.

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