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May 12, 2008


Bill aka NO DooDahs!

It might be

Parsing the government numbers does make money for some people, but not because it helps them make better trading decisions; rather, it helps them attract attention and therefore build assets under management.


Jeff, I feel like a crack addict looking for a hit. Please reveal the "paid site on a mission" or send me an email. I gotta know!

Excellent article and point. Parsing gov't numbers does not make me any more money. I just keep looking for the types of investments that work for me.


"Paid site on a mission." LOL, I read that and the music/lyrics from the 1980's song "Girlfriend in a coma" was the first thing that raced through my mind. Paging Wierd Al Yankovich.

I tend to accept the "official" numbers because that's what we have to work with. Everything else is mental gymnastics. Who has the time or energy for that?

I think folks who follow the alternate universe may also be acting on their emotions. The bear case usually seems more intellectually alluring. We all like to think we know more than the official numbers are telling us. And that we have some edge over the crowd.

Those sites are fun to read, though.

I heard someone say that the .6% GDP may be revised up to .9%. Wouldn't surprise me at all. In addition to the official economic numbers, we also have the crowds and long lines at Costco to consider.


"your mission should be in discovering and following the real experts."
Be sure to listen to the experts only in the (fairly narrow) area of their individual expertise.


It is rather peculiar that while American data is parsed, criticized and maligned, data from China is treated like the gospel.


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