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May 20, 2008



Mike -- It is indeed a great topic, and one I have been following closely. There are many other sources among the academic economists. So I am working on it.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Mike C


Here is an idea for a post, and I'm throwing this out there because I respect your opinion and thought process.

The subject is the commodity (more specifically oil) "bubble" or non-bubble. It seems to me there is a debate raging as to whether the oil price is the result of "speculators" pouring tons of money into passive futures positions, or whether there is a true supply/demand dynamic at work. "Experts" are all over the place. T Boone Pickens says one thing while Dennis Gartman says another.

You've got this guy testifying in front of governemnt:

And then you've got the Goldman analyst who has been accurate in the past:

One recurring theme at A Dash is evaluating expertise. How would you evaluate the various sources above?

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