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May 01, 2008


Mike C

I am an Indiana resident. Originally, I hadn't planned on voting in the primary as I am neither Democrat or Republican (independent with libertarian leanings).

However, I was so repulsed by Clinton's blatant populist pandering on this gas tax issue, that I went today to the polls and voted for Obama.


JC - The cattle futures trading credentials reference was intended as a little joke, in the same spirit as McCain reading Greenspan.

Sorry. I should put in some of those smiley's or something.

Thanks for giving me the chance to comment.



Those cattle futures gains by Hillary had nothing to do with market savvy. This was high-end payola.


Banker - I agree that a stronger dollar would help. This is part of the Fed approach to getting liquidity where it is needed rather than just cutting rates.

The market has been slow to understand this approach, but more are commenting on it.

Do we need lower oil prices? That would help, but we might well ask what would happen if oil stabilized in the $100 range.

A good question --



Commuting Distance

Look for the states to pick up the slack.

All of the spendthrifts are hurting from falling real estate sales and prices and slowing sales tax receipts*. Plus none of the financial companies will be paying tax for the next couple years. By the time Labor Day rolls around, the price of oil will have dropped (supported now by anti-Bush speculators for maximum anti-Republican sentiment) and the unwashed will not notice the Feds putting their 25Cent tax back on. And since the lapse will merely sunset without a vote, no one will care anyway.

*this is why sales tax on internet purchases may go through this year. It's for the children.


If crude prices do not come off quickly and in a substantial way, the U.S. economy is really going to be hit hard. The dollar starting to strengthen is a good first step.

Any thoughts


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