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March 19, 2008


Strategic Stock Investing

When seeking out an investing resource make sure that the transactions recommended are compatible with your personal investment approach. For example if the investor does not want high risk then don't adopt a process that derives its return from highly leveraged techniques.

just wondering

Today, April 2nd, CNBC's began with a script that referred variously to "Bear Sterns' Bailout" and "Bear Sterns Rescue".

Am I dense because I can't wrap my mind around their $2 (or even $10) share price and say the words, "bailout" or "rescue"?

I write this to provoke a reconsideration and redefinition of what happened to Bear Sterns that is at least accurate.

Otherwise, in some future someone may offer to bailout or rescue me, and I may need to make a snap decision without the give and take of dialog: "Do you mean like Bear Sterns or like Chrysler? Or like John McCain's faltering primary campaign? Or..."

Luke Gedeon

Ok so I am off-topic, but I did not see an option for general questions and comments. I have a quick question and would appreciate your help.

How many readers does it take on average, to start getting in on really good conversations and start reaching the "right" audience?

I have a very short (3 question) survey on my blog and I am trying to find successful bloggers who are willing to give some feedback.

Will you help?


Our local newspaper says that Mr. Yen thinks that the Fed (and govt) is behind the curve,1,6006345.story

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