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March 25, 2008


Amanda Elend


I'm working over at MobLogic, and we have a show today about the economic stimulus package. Thought you might be interested.

The whole idea of the package kind of made our host, Lindsay Campbell, angry. In today's show, she tries to start a saving/loan-paying revolution.

Stop by, let us know what you think. We'd love to hear your opinion.

Amanda Elend


Eric Janszen at itulip probably qualifies as one of the bears who has criticized the Fed, but has nevertheless also predicted the course of action that would be/is likely to be adopted by the Fed and politicians given the importance of housing in politics. His strategy of therefore holding gold has thus far been an extremely successful strategy. There are, I think, some repetitive themes in this whole debate -- on the one hand, people like Grantham criticizing the inherent moral hazard in the policy of not leaning against bubbles and on the other hand, those who say that "now is not the time to talk about moral hazard" post-fact. I suspect the latter will win the debate always. Someone recently made a point about how the Australian Fed talked down their housing bubble, simply by talking about it -- it doesn't seem to be a slam-dunk that our Fed's policy is indeed the correct one.

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