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January 28, 2008



Interesting article. Look forward to reading your report.


Please send me your Gong Report.


John Evans

I enjoy reading you on RealMoney. Would you please send me the "Gong" report? It sounds interesting. TIA


Please provide me with an email update.

Thank You

Dave White

Please send a copy of the Gong Model. Looking forward to it. thanks!


I'd really like to be sent a copy of the Gong Report - thanks alot!


Please send me a copy of the Gong Report.


george r

I generally find your posts interesting and informative and would appreciate a copy of the report.


An interesting article. I look forward to receiveing the report


Please send the "Gong Report."
Thank you.


Please send the report. Thanks !


Great article. Please forward your research on "Gong Model". I am very interested to learn more. Thanks very much

Simon Lau

Please send me a copy too. I'd like to check it out.

Josh Stern

I was wondering if anyone had updated comments on the "gong" idea. My view is that the market can be pushed/pulled by both psychology and fundamentals. When I'm in tune with the market, I can recognize days where there are important changes in psychology from negative to positive (and visa versa). I also believe that some, but not all, market selloffs are driven by fundamental developments. The current crisis is one of those where fundamentals have played an important role. When the fundamental aspect is important, that makes calling the market bottom in the absence of macro developments hard to do. Today (MOnday, March 24) seemed the first recent occasion where there was positive psychology and a real nuggets of macro good news (higher than expected volume of home sales).


Thanks for all the work you do in keeping up this blog!

Could you send me a copy of the report? Thanks!

Farley Moran

Please send copy of the Gong Report. Thnx


I'm rather late to this, but I would like a copy of this report as well.

Thanks much!


David Scott

I would love to have a copy of your special report. Thanks for your balanced comments and insights



Please send your report and info...thanks for the great site!

Roland Ziegler

Would you please send me a copy of your report?
Thanks in advance

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