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January 31, 2008



Enjoying your blog greatly. Please send further information about your modified trading system.

Thank you.


Excellent blog. I'm also very interested in learning more about the trading system you mention. Please send me the material.

Thank You.


You blog is a great resource.

I'm very interested in your report/complete explanation. Please send it to me.

Thank You



Thanks for you timely response and all your insightful comments.

My question was a sincere one and I am glad you understood it as such.

Your expertise as a money manager was what led me to write, intrigued about how you plan on sharing your investment program ideas.

I do have a TD Ameritrade account and am indeed interested in investing following your program.

Please send me the "complete explanation" on how to go about it, that you mention is available on request.

Thank you


Roger -

We are money managers, not sellers of systems or software. I was just trying to be responsive to some inquiries from potential investors. We have an advisor group with TD Ameritrade. Investors have their own accounts, which trade as part of the program.

I'll keep doing weekly updates on the system as long as it provides a useful vehicle for making some other points, but they are not intended to be trading recommendations.

Thanks for your question. I can see that this requires clarification. As I said, there is a complete explanation available on request.



"This program is immediately available to any interested investor for whom it is suitable."

I am not sure I understand your offer. Is it for a membership/system/software that you are making available, or are you inviting us to simply follow on our own the weekly table you publish?

"We will provide a report on the methods and testing to anyone who is interested in taking a look."

Yes, I am definitively very interested in receiving it. And thank you for the previously sent Gong Report.

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