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December 15, 2007


Long-term investment

What we can see and understand of the economy is but a tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless, a student of history would recognize that "Don't fight the Fed!" is generally a sound advice.


BBL -- Thanks for the pointer to your interesting blog. I added it to my feed reader and I suggest that others do the same. I understand your viewpoint. It is important to have an understanding of things both on a "theoretical" basis and also the viewpoint of how various market participants see it.

As someone who has had clients on all of the Chicago trading floors, I have great respect for that perspective. Maybe we'll get a chance to meet some day.

Meanwhile, I suggest this thought: The current amount is just a test. If this is working, the central banks will do more -- much more.

Thanks again,



I have been one of the critics of the fed actions, not because what they did was wrong in itself but because it was insufficient.( ) I believe they have failed to address the fear in the interbank market. The psychological paralysis that lending to another bank may lead to loss of principal regardless of rates. Once the fed can alleviate those fears the rest of their actions will likely be sufficient.
Really enjoy your worki on the blog.

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