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December 11, 2007



Cramer picks on the Fed because he never gets market tops and turns right. So he has to come on his show and jump and yell because otherwise his viewers would be much too aware of his buy-at-the-top advice.

Anyone with a brain knows the market has turned radically south after every Bernanke cut -- it's almost as if fund managers are putting on a dog and pony show to see if Ben is trainable. So after some profit taking and checking the skies for Bernanke's Helicopter, the market will recover. Probably faster this time because eventually even fund managers will realize that every time they put the market on sale, Kuwait et al are lapping it up.

ps. As for CNBC - since that Berkeley leftist Hoffman took over, it is usually Cr@p Nuthing But Cr@p.


"Raising the loan limits (to include jumbos) at Fannie and Freddie would help, as would reducing the capital surplus requirements. Bernanke has advocated both. There are qualified buyers who cannot get loans."

Pass the risk to every retiree's fixed income fund?

If the buyer was qualified, they would get their loan. Otherwise, they are unqualified. Raising the bar of solvency does not make for good long term economic policy.

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