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October 21, 2007



I have been watching CNBC since they replaced FNN in 1991. I have seen many "personalities" come and go. Liz Clayman is nice to view as long as it was from the neck down in one of her sweaters and as long as you turned down the audio.

To compare Erin Burnett to Clayman is like comparing Barrons to Money mag.

Clayman was all fluff, she gave the pretense that she prepared for interviews and general anchoring but she understands the market about as much as the general public. Burnett actually worked at GS, and she has brings actual insight into her broadcasts.

Good riddance to Clayman. Cavuto and her will now be in the twilight zone. In space loud noises are silent.


Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI will be on CNBC Monday at around 11:20 (EST) to discuss the chances of a recession:

As a preview, according to the following article ECRI's indicators still aren't pointing toward recession anytime soon.


I agree with you on the recession expertise question. I don't know Mr. Rothbort's track record but maybe Mr. Rothbort whose "They aren't making any more land" housing call I highlighted once here earlier, is laying it a bit thick on Julian Robertson. Whitney Tilson did a mea culpa apparently himself.

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