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October 16, 2007




I track my stocks on Stockpickr, too. You can also embed a Google spreadsheet that allows you to track stock on your site, which is kind of a cool feature. I would be interested in your performance based on your method. Here is how I embedded a few ETF portfolios:
1) Create a spreadsheet using Google Spreadsheet
2) Click on the Publish tab....but wait! Don't publish!
3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "more publishing options"
4) Under "File Format", select "HTML to embed into a web page"
5) Click Generate URL
6) simply Copy the text code Google provides and copy it into your blog in the area to which you would have it posted.

Looking forward to your new posts!



Muckdog -

I can understand the comment. Her proposals are not at all like the 1993-4 plans. There remains a lot of skepticism about how private insurance companies would actually be used.

It is worth thinking about the opportunity as the election grows closer.

Thanks for commenting.



I heard someone say talking about UNH with a Hillary win. And then summarize, "Well, it could be good but on the otherhand, it could be bad."


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