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September 17, 2007



You're comments today, and always, are spot on. Sadly, I don't read the Times anymore as one gets the feeling that most of their journalists are kids right out of J-school with no experience, or wisdom.


I am not sure when it started, but I believe half a dozen news cable channels with airtime to fill might be causal, but I find the major thrust of all MSM reporting to be fear mongering. They take every story and push the fear on their viewer/reader. Shark attack news is accompanied about dire warning to the average reader of going in his pool. The financial articles listed above follow the same vein, find something scary, fill the article with ideas that "sound" smart, finish with scary headlines & conclusions. Thanks for the few in the blogosphere like Jeff and others that have been mentioned here who are in the markets and share good information.

Bill aka NO DooDahs!

I was too busy laughing to hear most of the Greenspan interview. The last thing I heard (before my maniacal laughter, of course) was his statement that he managed the Fed during a "disinflationary time."


Ward -

Good point on the Greenspan interview. I also had the impression that some of his answers were cut off at awkward points. For example, the idea that he could not do much about subprime lending. People do not realize that a lot of this activity is non-bank and not under the Fed's purview. Legislation would have been required. That never came out, but I'll bet he said it in the original.




RB -
Thanks for the ECRI update!



In Leslie Stahl's interview with Greenspan last night she made off hand reference to "one million people out of their homes" or some such nonsense meant to support her importuning of the former chairman over what he may or may not have done to cause it. All superficial crap intended to sell airtime, and of course to sell books for his part. No genuine discussion of substance.


And what ECRI is saying ...

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