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August 01, 2007



"Inimitable!" Wow!

I consider myself a work in progress. Every year is different. I read, listen and watch others.

I do use TA, but also rely on the things I mention on the blog regarding seasonality and sentiment. And fundamentals matter. I need to have a strong belief in what the economy and the Fed are doing.

I think the IBD followers are getting whipped around pretty good here. Wasn't too long ago that we were in a confirmed downtrend, only to be jolted with a confirmed uptrend on this past monday's "follow through day."


Thanks, Bill.

It is indeed quite interesting. I have passed it along to Vince as well.


Bill aka NO DooDahs!

I emailed to you a PDF of the "thermostat" trading system for futures, which consists of a (1) trend determination yes/no, (2) trand-following signal, and (3) channeling signal.

I think you may find it interesting and might see some similarities between it, and what you're doing.

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