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March 06, 2007


Mortgage Rates

The mortgage industry will begin to gain some certainty only when the liquidity issues are resolved. One thing is for certain, the market will be forever changed. Many consumers no longer will qualify for home financing because of previous credit issues or a lack of down payment. Lenders will want more assets, equity and better credit for all loans moving forward after losing billions of dollars in the last few years.


Hi, guys,

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Thanks, Michael.

Email on the way.


Michael Church


Interested in sharing a piece i have written on Behavioral Finance, in which some traditional theories are tested. Gary Smith mentioned to me that you are currently working on a book that surrounds some of the topics. Id love to get your feedback. Email me if interested.

Michael Church


Thanks, RB. This is too complicated for a comment, so I'll add a separate post.



Calculated Risk points to correlation in the YoY change. Would that change your calculations?

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