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January 30, 2007


David Merkel

You are dead right. Over at, I spend a decent amount of my writing time telling people to consider risk first in their investment plans. Aside from that, I tell them to diversify internationally, buy bonds, and that cash is valuable.

The trouble is, people are motivated by fear and envy. They avoid asset classes when they are bottoming because of fear, and buy asset classes near the top because they envy those who have made money there, and they want to do it too.


Larry Nusbaum

"Asset allocation. Many investors gave up on U.S. equities after 2001 and plunged into real estate."

And, what an incredible run it has been.....especially for the little guy! Now, just remember, real estate has 5 major sectors with housing being only one.
Here is my own Mistake Investors Make: Thinking that the opportunities in real estate have passed.

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