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January 30, 2007



May I invite you to participate in the first every spongetech daytraders opinion poll

Bill a.k.a. NO DooDahs!

Let me be clear, it's their poll and not mine. It may actually be reflective of the sentiment of popular bloggers as a group, but among the less-popular or less-acclaimed bloggers, and I include myself in that list, the poll is a laughingstock.

My vision for the poll, what I believe it could be, is a window into the "long tail" – what do those outside the investment community, those amateurs who write about stocks and trade their own accounts – what do they think about the market's prospects? If we add a filter whereby we can grade their accuracy, we could potentially develop a new kind of market resource! Imagine, market timing done by people that are demonstrably good at it!

That is what my suggestions for improving the poll will be aimed at creating. I also imagine that, if my suggestions are heeded, most of the current participants won't be in the poll come six months from now.

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