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December 19, 2006


Bill a.k.a. NO DooDahs!

Definitely there is rampant bearishness in punditry and in the blogosphere. The retail investor is not involved, and perhaps capitulated during the mid-year lows; hedge funds are not fully involved in equities; the Naz and the Trannies are not confirming; all of this builds a classic "wall of worry" for the markets to climb.

It is a good time to be on the right side of the market.

Barry Ritholtz

You overstate the case.

I claim only this simple observation: Since I am at least aware of this problem of bias and selective perception, I have some small ability to deal with it. Not total or infallible capability, just a small recognition of this issue.

None of us are beyond the limitations of our own wetware -- and those of us that are totally unaware of these inherent flaws, are unknowing slaves to them.

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