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November 03, 2006



Steve -- Actually professors are the best at citing the need for future research!

Try this non-governmental example. Right now, many of us are interested in what will happen with corporate earnings. Let's say we are trying to predict S&P 500 earnings for 2010. The closer we get to the actual time, the better our estimate will be. As we go through the year, it will get much better, especially in times when we do not have massive write downs.

Despite the difficulty in predicting 2010 earnings, nearly everyone has some kind of estimate.

Thanks for your comment and the chuckle!



"In any research situation we know more as we get additional data."

"We rarely have the data we want at the time we want it."

Right! In other words, we will know long after it matters to participants in the marketplace.

You forgot to add the obligatory statement that follows from any defense of "research" conducted by the careerists in the bureaucracy ... the BLS would perform considerably better with more funding. :)

mee schiff against steve ! stave is so stupid , he gets so mad . why ? because he knows he wrong !!!


dude steve liesman is always wrong never gets the economy right. never ! u want someone acurate ! peter schiff ! steve cant stand the fact that schiff got it right . i ve seen steve deny facts to schiff becauses of jealousy . steve spins like no tomarrow. he's full of lies and deceit !never admits when he is wrong ! the fact is , cnbc is a kool-aid drinking spinning deceitful news organization !

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