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October 18, 2006



As usual, Barry's point is very well-taken. Since he has such an extensive community of followers, it is not surprising that some post deceptive comments. His approach invites comments and he encourages all comers, including those who disagree.

Having said this, I do believe that some investors over-react to the doom-and-gloom predictions from Roubini.

As I have said before, any individual investors should read Barry's series on the Apprenticed Investor, including the article cited in his comment. My guess is that many professional traders and hedge fund managers would also benefit!

Barry Ritholtz

Hey Jeff,

You and I post under our real names, disclose actual positions, and are very public in hwat we say and do. We are, in a word, accountable.

That isn't true for many of the comemntators out there. I've been finding some commentators are less than honest, posting under different names, and making assertions that turn out to be false. Most recently, it was a guy who had been posting bullish comments, and then made a "Gee, I lost money shorting" statement under a different name. He got found out, and was essentially asked to hit the bricks.

A lot of that junk goes on, and it can ruin an otherwise robust discussion where people genuinely disagree but respct the debate.

I'm not sure what happened with today's issue; I wasted time arguing with a troll who insisted that saying BUY Qs SPYs and DIAs over the next 3 days (june 13) was somehow NOT a bullish trading call.

As to TV, anyone who invests based on what they see on TV is a fool (See this for more: LOSE THE NEWS

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