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September 18, 2006



Hi Dan,

Thanks for your comment. As you probably guessed, the ability to do a systematic test of technical analysis is part of what this series is about. It is a vehicle for reviewing all methods, as well as raising the questions about how one does that. I look forward to doing some tests with your software.

Dan Mirkin

You make an interesting point about evaluating the technical analyst. Dr. Brett Steenbarger is using my firm's newly released Odds Maker technology to do just that, evaluate technical trading models to get a sense of what is and is not working currently. We take a different approach to it than TradeStation and some similar products. Our software tracks an unlimited number of symbols versus just one instrument or a small portfolio. It is set up for intra day trading where the time frame can be up to a whole day or as little as 1 minute. We allow the system to trade up to 1700 times in 15 days to see how this pattern performs intra day. It is a nice way to keep one self honest while trading. No reason to be bearish if a bearish set ups don't give favorable odds and same for bullish.

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