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September 23, 2006


kettle black

i assume Mildred is a composite...but all too true depiction.

"You have been with me since 1998 and your account has nearly doubled, despite a “bubble” and a recession. The market is only up a little during the same time."

I still manage my ex-gf's 401k. When i first started July 1, 2004, it had less than $15,600. As of yesterday's close 2/20/07 it had $48,269.92.


Thanks, Barry :)

Barry Ritholtz

Hey Jeff,

Very amusing stuff --

I didn't say impossible, I said exceedingly rare: Over the past 16 Fed tightening regimes, there has been but one soft landing post WWII -- that was in 1994.

When asked if a recession was imminent, I also said I didn't know -- but what appears likely is a business cycle slowdown that will impact corporate revenues; Given that we are at a high in corp profits, will likely impact them also.

PS: If Mildred thinks I''m handome -- especially in the remote studio with no makeup and bad lighting -- then she's overdue for her visit to the opthamologist . . .

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