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December 18, 2012



Dan -- Thanks for highlighting this. Barry's post is here:

It is nice to see Dwaine getting some well-deserved attention.

As you (and other regular readers) know, I have been highlighting this work for over a year!

Thanks again,


Dan Baffoe

Barry posted this Jeff. Thought you might be interested in light of your search for the best...


Torture the data until they confess.

I've played with the Citi index before, and here's what I see...
The Citi index goes up and down, sometimes a lot. The peaks can be more extreme than one might imagine. If you see a peak at an extreme value that is lower (or higher) than any others in the past 10 years, think about buying (or selling). Otherwise, it's just a moderately interesting chart that sometimes leads and sometimes lags market turns, and sometimes has the wrong sign.


I think the other problem with this chart comparison is that it does not acknowledge what really precipitated the correction of 2011: the S&P downgrade of US debt.


Great stuff as always.
Back to the "scared" internet.
I was wondering what you think of Kyle Bass' prediction of a Japan bond/inflation/currency crisis.

Thanks for your hard work.


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