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November 18, 2012


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It is quite interesting and useful. You have done a fantastic job here. Wish to see more updates from you.


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Charley -- If my message has been misinterpreted, I have not been clear enough!

I emphasize again that I never recommend anything that I am not doing myself and/or for clients. And also -- any general recommendations are subject to individual circumstances!

Thanks for your advice, which I plan to take.



Too bad hedge funds are ramping AAPL on good volume and killing PSQ this morning.

Charley Harper

Jeff, thanks for the great blog, but I understand Shelby's earlier comment. Perhaps greater depth and/or clarity on the differing stances appropriate for those with investment vs. trading timeframes might be beneficial?


Satish -- The percentage shows the number of sectors in the penalty box. The higher the percentage, the less certainty Felix has in the overall ratings. This is based on past experience.

Thanks for the question.



Shelby -- Not at all. I manage six different investment programs with different goals and time frames.

Everything I write represents something we are actually doing.

Thanks for clarifying.


Could you clarify: If the penalty box percentage measures your confidence in the forecast. And if that is 100% now, why does this mean you "do not have a lot of confidence in the current bearish rating. It has been a close call over the last few weeks, but a winner so far."

Thanks for your blog a great education site--i read it weekly.

Satish Raj

Shelby Chien

I am confused about your recommendation. You are shorting this market in your account but you here recommend readers to hold on to their stocks and even add some octane.

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