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January 22, 2007


Bill aka NO DooDahs!

How about this: who really gives a darn about how the companies in the mutual fund known as the S&P 500 do during earnings season? Why does it matter about the implications for "the economy" - which, for the benefit of those with an economist's miseducation, is not the same as the G-D-P.

What really matters is that over the course of the next several weeks, most of the publicly traded U.S. stocks will report earnings, and earnings are often a catalyst for growth in share price. The propeller-heads write papers about "inefficient transmission of information" or "earnings underreaction" but some traders know that earnings season is to be looked forward to as a huge buffet at a new Chinese restaurant should be - sure, some of the dishes will taste bad, if you sample small portions, you'll adequately control your risk.

Embrace earnings season!

Paul Meisel

There is a lot more heat than light in earnings season commentary. It reminds me of my wife and daughter watching E! -- there may be nothing to talk about but we have to talk anyway............

Bill aka NO DooDahs!

To some analysts, the only question that matters is "how can I spin this data bearishly?"

Barry Ritholtz

We are looking to identify when there is a change in performance relative to expectations. The raw numbers do not matter, but rather, the change is what is significant.

To investors, the question that matters is this: "Are more companies beating than in the past, or are less?"

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