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September 12, 2006


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Thanks for the post. I run one of the largest sites on hedge funds and a hedge fund careers site as well - perhaps we could link our sites together at some point? Mine are and


- Richard
Richard Wilson
Hedge Fund Group (HFG)


Hi Wilson -- Thanks for the helpful comment. I have some themes in mind for this series, but I want to present each case effectively. While I have done a lot of writing, the blog format is pretty new for me, and I do not always know how much to put in the post and how much to depend on the links. I am going to edit this one a little to show the strategy better.

As to the stats you would like to see: Yes! All good points and not available for this applicant. I plan to cover all of these points as the applicants submit more sophisticated strategies.

I hope that others will feel free to comment about how I can make this series helpful.


Hey Jeff, I think the HF interview series is a great idea and look forward to the next pieces. But after reading about Applicant #1 I feel somewhat .. unsatisfied? about the applicant's strategy, actual performance, or competence. I know the underlying ideas that you're trying to point out here, namely that one must look at more than mere returns, especially compared to an index, when hiring a manager, and that paper credentials doesn't guarantee someone is a successful manager, but I would have liked to see some statistics included - maybe Max DD, type of strategy (trend following? mean reversion? fundamental long/short? arb? etc) as well as maybe a brief statement summarizing what makes that applicant unique from the other ones running similar strategies.

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